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Saving Money at the Bar

July 3, 2008 9:22 am

How to save money at the bar

Often times people will approach me at the bar, ask to start a tab and before they know it they are buying drinks for every friend and girl in site. By the time those oh so generous gentlemen are done with the evening they end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Now, it is always nice to buy a round for your buddies or girls but let me suggest a way to finish off the night without breaking the bank.

First and foremost, stay away from tabs. While tabs are convenient cash is the best way to go about your night. What I suggest doing before you start drinking is take out as much cash as you think you will need, keep that in your front pocket and leave the cash in your wallet just for emergencies or for extra tipping ;).

Once at the bar, make sure to find out the drink specials, happy hours and open bars. Try planning your night around where you will get the best deals. Check the times of each special carefully and expect each special to end 15 minutes before it actually does.

If you plan on just drinking beer when going out, well stick to pitchers. They are usually the most economical way to enjoy the night. Just make sure you are able to get enough cups for everyone.

Of course, if you have a designated driver one of the best ways to save money is to drink before you go out. Pre-order your liquor, make some cocktails, have some beer, and then you’ll only need to buy a few drinks when you are out. We here at liquor live are here to save you some time and money! So, the next time you go out, keep these helpful tips in mind and see how much extra money you will end up saving.

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