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How not to drink with the group...

September 18, 2008 11:46 pm

How not to drink with the group...

Dear Samantha: I am really not much of a drinker but the social group my husband and I belong to loves to have cocktail parties. It seems rude not to drink with the group, but I donít like having more than one glass of wine, or one cocktail. Any suggestions as to how I can deal with this situation?

Sure! There are actually a few ideas for this situation. I too find myself in this predicament from time to time. A friend of mine taught me a trick a while back that I continue to use today. She suggested adding seltzer to the drinks you are making so that each drink you have does not even equal one real drink. For instance, you can put only a small amount of wine in your glass, top it with seltzer, and create a tasty wine spritzer to sip on. This same strategy can be used with mixed drinks. If seltzer is unavailable, juice or soda could be substituted depending on what you are mixing it with.
Remember, if you sip slowly your drink will last a long time.

As always, please email any questions you have for me! ask@liquorlive.com

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