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Want to bartend?

February 12, 2009 12:19 am

So you want to be a bartender...

Being a bartender can be a lot of fun, stressful, tiring, and pay very well. However, it is not for everyone. Being a bartender myself, I often get approached by numerous friends or customers asking about how to get into the “business.” So, I thought I would provide a list of 10 basic tips from my experience.

# 1 If you are under 21, it is going to be hard for you to get a bartending job, even after taking a bartending course.

#2 The best way to land a bartending job when you are underage is to start by barbacking or working as a waitress or waiter and then moving your way into a bartending position. It works, but it may take time.

#3 Please take a bartending course. You may think you can learn everything there is to learn on your own, or through a “mentor”, but the truth is you cannot. A bartending course will teach you how to memorize drinks, how to mix drinks, and will familiarize yourself with the bar. Additionally, you may also be able to become TIPS certified through the school as well. (Some states do not require TIPS certification, I recommend it).

#4 When looking for a job, utilize all your contacts. This also means asking the Bartending School for job placements as well. This may sound basic, but a lot of times people will actually be related to someone in a restaurant and forget to ask them about a job, or help in finding a job.

#5 Do not call about a bartending job, go into the bar, ask for the bar manager, and if the bar manager is not there, ask when he or she will be back so you can meet them. I hate it when people call in asking if there are any job openings.

#6 Do not worry if you are not bartending at your dream bar/ club right away. Experience helps and opens the door for new opportunities.

#7 Please do not drink on the job. If you are going to have a couple of drinks, and it is allowed, then use your own discretion. I would go without drinking though.

#8 Never ask a customer if they want their change back, always assume that they do. It is proper to leave a tip, but you can certainly turn a customer off by asking if they want their change back.

#9 Try to remember your regular customers drinks, they will like you for it!

#10 Last, do not forget to enjoy yourself on the job and make the customers feel wanted. So learn your drinks, master your measuring skills, and please learn proper pouring techniques. Click here for more information regarding mixing and measuring.

Hope this article helps anyone interested in bartending! Good Luck!

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