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Drinking Games


Dodge Beer

Fair warning, dodge beer is VERY competitive! Two teams of 3-4 players compete in a race to see who can finish their cans of beer faster. Each team stands on opposite ends of a large table with a beer can in front of them. Team members should set their beer cans up at equal distances apart across their side of the table. To start the game, all team members should simultaneously open their beer cans. Like beer pong, one team will start first. Each team member will shoot a ping pong ball across the table trying to hit a beer can on the opposite side. If a beer can is hit, the person who shot the ball will need to start chugging their beer as quickly as possible while the other team members retrieve the ball as quickly as possible. The person may keep chugging the beer until the person whose can was hit places the ping pong ball on top of the can and says, �stop.� The person must stop chugging or a penalty can be called, and the person whose can was hit may take a chug of their beer. After all team members have shot, it is the other teams turn. Unlike beer pong, this games objective is to have your team finish the beer first. So, create a good defensive strategy, and figure out how to get a good bounce off of the cans! This game is fast paced, and requires LOTS of drinking!

There is no video available for this game. Email Us with one of your own!
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