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Drinking Games


Flip Cup

Flip cup is another drinking relay race that can be highly competitive. This game is ideal for a large group of people. Start by dividing the group into two equal teams. Teams should stand across from each other down the length of the table. Each participant should have a 9 ounce plastic cup in front of them filled with a designated amount of alcohol (typically beer). The person directly across from you is your immediate opponent and they should have the same amount of alcohol as one’s self. One end of the table begins the game by holding the beer cup up in the air, then bringing it down to touch the table, bringing it back up to cheers with the opponent, and then drinking the beer as fast as one can. After consuming all of the beer, the players must put their cup on the edge of the table with a small amount of the cup hanging off the edge of the table. They must then flip the cup up and over by hitting it with their hands. Once the cup has successfully been flipped over, the person next to them should drink their beer as fast as possible and flip their cup. This routine continues until one team finishes the relay and can be proclaimed winners.

There is no video available for this game. Email Us with one of your own!
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