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Drinking Games


Beer Pong

Materials: 12-20 9 oz. plastic cups 2 ping pong balls 2 water cups 2-4 cans of beer 1 table approximately the size of a ping pong table This is an entertaining game consisting of two teams of two. Each team stands on opposite ends of the table. Each team sets up the plastic cups in a pyramid on each side of the table. Participants will need to decide if they will make a six cup pyramid and use one beer or a ten cup pyramid and use two beers. In either pyramid, the point of the pyramid should face the opposite team, and the base of the pyramid should be right at the edge of the table on ones own side. Once the table is set up, distribute evenly, 1-2 beers in the 9 ounce cups on each side. Decide which team will go first. The first team to go, will need to shoot the ping pong ball from their side of the table into the opposing team members cups without reaching over the table. If a ball goes into one of the cups, that team needs to drink the cup of beer. Its important to drink that cup quickly, because if someone shoots the ball into the cup of beer being drunk, that team automatically loses. Shooters may attempt to bounce a ball off of the table and land it in the cups on the other side. If a bounced shot goes in, the opposing team must drink two cups. Bounced shots can be blocked by the opposing team however! In six cup beer pong, one re-rack is allotted, and in ten cup beer pong two re-racks are allotted. This means that before your team shoots in the middle of the game you can ask the other team to rearrange the cup set-up by saying, re-rack. The first team to eliminate all cups from the opposite side wins. Losers much finish the beer the winners have leftover!

There is no video available for this game. Email Us with one of your own!
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