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Cocktails Shots Top Rated Girly Manly Classy Low Cal Tropical

Drink Categories
Blend ITIf you need a blender to make it, then you will find it here.

Body ShotsWhen you want to get a little creative and frisky, try these action shots.

Bomb ITJager Bombs anyone???

Classic Shots

ClassicsYou should not have a problem recognizing any of these timeless shots

ClassyHere you'll find drinks to suit the needs of your classy lady friend or suave gentlemen. In the mood for something smooth, you'll definitely need to check these out.

CocktailsCocktails, what would the world do without the delicious blend of classic spirits combined with the sensational flavors of our everyday beverages? Who knows, but you'll find some tasty drinks here!

Editors ChoiceOur team at LiquorLive strives to provide you with the best drink recipes you can find. That's why here you'll find our favorite drinks and we hope you'll like them too!

EntertainingSpice up your drink mixing and cocktail experience with these great drinks.

FlamingPlease be careful, these drinks are on fire!

FrozenFrozen concoctions that are really not as difficult to make as they look.

GirlyThe drinks that tasted just a little too fruity and weak to be categorized as manly.

Low CalHaving fun without the gut!

ManlyIf you thought you were manly before, boy do you have another thing coming!

MargaritasChange up the pace, go ahead and throw a fiesta every now and then.

MartinisFrom traditional to unconvential, we tried to cover a sophisticated range.

PunchesWho doesn't love a great punch at a party. Try some of these for your next celebration.

ShotsHere you will find a wide assortment of shots. Some you will love, others you will only wonder who would ever drink this.

Summertime FuntimeI think the name pretty much sums up this category.

ThemesChristmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, believe it or not they all have drinks to go with them.

Top RatedThe drinks that your friends say taste the best.

TropicalYou know all those drinks that you came to love while vacationing in the tropics? Well here we hope you will find what you need to recreate those memories.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks Non-Alcoholic Drinks
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