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Free For All >> Drink Making >> what does a measure mean?
Is a measure an ounce or what does it mean when I see it in a recipe?
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2008-05-14 09:26:26
A measure is typically an ounce, but then you have parts as well

So a measure is typically an ounce of the spirit, but look at the other parts of the recipe as well. For example if it says 1/2 oz vodka and then 1 measure rum, that will typically mean that the measure stands for an ounce. But then don't forget about when the recipe says one part vodka and 2 parts rum. What that will mean is basically you double the amount of rum compared with vodka. For example, if the recipe says one part vodka, two parts rum, generally the one part is referred to as an ounce, then the two parts will be two ounces. But if you are making a kamikazi, and it calls for equal parts vodka, triple sec, lime juice, and you are using a one ounce shot glass, then you will pour .33oz of each into your shaker. So you really need to look at the recipe, the glass you are using, and how much is required of other ingredients. This may seem confusing, but it is actually quite easy, you just need to start mixing more!
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