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I feel like I have to spend 50 dollars for a bottle of vodka that doesn't cause a hangover. Grey Goose has never given me a hangover, but while drinking the same amount of smirnoff, svedka, and other cheaper vodkas, I always wake up with a pounding headache. Any cheaper options that won't leave my head pounding?
Author Message
Posted Date:
2008-03-04 04:26:45

I agree. Most cheap vodkas tend to leave you wishing you didnt have that extra cocktail in the morning. But, let's be honest. It's not always possible to drop fifty bucks on a bottle of vodka. I drink Skyy vodka because it's not expensive, tastes smooth, and never leaves me with a headache. I can't speak for the entire population obviously but it always seems to work for me. Also, Stoli is a little cheaper, you could try that as well.
Posted Date:
2008-03-04 04:34:29
Other Options

While i agree with each of you to some extent, you're forgetting so many worthy options of vodka. Have we completely forgotten Ketel 1. You won't get a hangover headache from drinking a reasonable amount of Ketel 1! Three Olives is another tasty option that is usually under 40 dollars/bottle. I also think we need to keep Hangar One in consideration. There are lots of other options other than Grey Goose. I'd have to put as my top three hangover prevention vodkas 1. Grey Goose, 2. Ketel 1, and 3. Three Olives
Posted Date:
2008-03-06 12:31:01
Skyy for sure

Isn't Skyy rated somewhere for not giving a hangover? Anyways where I am it only costs me 19.99 for the 1.75L
Posted Date:
2008-03-07 08:52:23
Van Gogh

I personally like to drink Van Gogh Vodka. Its a reasonable price about $25 a bottle and is very comparable to Grey Goose. Although it is not as well known as many of the other vodkas mentioned it does give you a bang for your buck and leaves you virtually hangover less the next morning. I love painting the town red when I drink my Van Gogh.
Posted Date:
2008-03-07 08:53:58
definitely agree

u can get sloshed off van gogh and feel like a million bucks the next morning..great post rich
Posted Date:
2008-03-14 09:48:55
Yeah Van Gogh is def a nice choice

Van Gogh is smooth, makes you feel great at night and the next morning, but it also has some pretty nice art work on the bottle.
Posted Date:
2013-07-25 03:24:16
Yeah Greygoose is best and dont harm !!

Grey goose is the best brand. I feel the same you does. I dont feel any type of hangover with greygoose. Infect it makes me feel relaxed.
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