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Hangovers >> Hangover Cures >> Be Proactive
Taking precautions the night before and while drinking may be the best solution to tomorrow's problems.
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Posted Date:
2008-03-24 06:59:29
That's what works for me.

It is really true that there is not much you can do once you have a hangover. But there are ways to be proactive the next time you drink. Stay away from sugars. That includes those sweet drinks. When mixing cocktails, try to use sugar free mixers. Also, before going to bed, take a tylenol or non-asprin, something like that (I am not a doctor though, so take it at your own risk, ha) Drink plenty of water, try to eat something, carbs, I find greesy food usually works well for me. That goes for the next day as well.
Posted Date:
2008-03-24 08:24:45

I'm no doctor either Aaron but if I'm hammered drunk the last thing I'm gonna throw in my body is some aspirins. Hey it might work, maybe a little bit too well. I like waking up in the morning even if that means puking.
Posted Date:
2008-03-25 06:26:26
very questionable

As the other 2 posts said, i am also no doc...however i never would take pills after a long night of drinkn, ur liver is already over worked from sipin all night and popin pillz can just lead to a disaster
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